Friday, July 16, 2004

Rush! Rush! Rush! That's all I seem to do at the moment - even my nose is streaming at a rate of knots. If I'm not dropping off kids, I'm picking them up, or making them pack-ups, or washing their clothes. 
I treated my car to a rinse through the wash, she's sounding almost as poorly as me so I'm being uncharacteristically nice, before having a quick nap in the car wiating for the kids to stop snogging. Net result - I left work at 5.30 but never actually saw the inside of my lounge until after 10.30. Great for weight-loss! I always try to see the positive.
I can't even look forward to the weekend particularly - having booked us all on a day-trip to London. We have to catch the coach at 7am, which means a 6 o'clock start (!!) and won't get back home til 11ish. I hope St Swithin's on a career break!
On the plus side I've done 4 swears today, bought the girls on reception a big box of posh chocolate biccies in the hope that they'll keep passing them my way - it all helps toward the Send Jack To Spain For The Entire Month Of August campaign! And I've had some more emails and texts from Cute Suit - all unsolicited (no pun etc) - and my new office is now vacant and just waiting to be decorated and recarpeted for me.
There's a bit of a power struggle going on between my long-standing secretary and my new assistant as to who gets the seat closest to the Lord's right hand - or my side door as the case may be - I may have to interevene and decree that Jacquie gets it - from a practical point of view it would be convenient to have Lisa within hollering distance - but then Jacquie knows when my face says Do Not Disturb - Important Cute Suit on Line 1!


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