Friday, July 23, 2004

He's gone! Ca c'est formidable!!! It was well worth getting up at 4am and standing around the council car park. I started to get a bit nervous when they still hadn't driven off after 50 minutes, one person was late (and for once it wasn't me - we were almost first there).  Victor had swapped seats so couldn't see us, so I saw our opportunity and Jack & I legged it back to the car and drove off at speed, just in case there was a serious delay and they tried to make us take him back again.

I went straight to work. The car park attendant was a bit surprised to see me pull up behind him as he was unlocking the gates, specially as my make-up was still in its bag and not yet on my face.

I always really like early mornings, I must try and see more of them at the start of a day instead of on my way to bed.

I had a pretty cracking day all round in fact. My new assistant started working for me, the decorator was booked and came and started measuring up my new office - I'm getting new carpet, paint, furniture and have been given the green light to go to IKEA and buy whatever I want to make it a bit more homely, and something else happened at the very end of the day that I don't want to say too much about just yet, in case I jinx it, but I am really really looking forward to tomorrow lunchtime.

Talking of which, I must get my beauty sleep - more important than ever. I have new shoes, eye mask chilling in the fridge for the morning, and I'm about to paint my nails. Zippadee do-dah, zippidee day, my oh my...............


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