Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I feel like Julie Andrews. Last year Jack stayed with Soh, the year before that we hosted Koh - tomorrow Toh arrives. If my blog disappears, I may well have run off to Austria to be a nun! 

I'm beginning to wonder about all this hosting lark - I stopped cleaning at 11.30 tonight- missed a double run of Coronation Street - and had no tea ( fantastic! diet slipped a bit while yon Brow was plagueing us). I might have to ring Cute Suit's cleaner and book her from tomorrow.

I also bought a dress for Eva's wedding - silk, lavender, corset style :-/ it looked good in the shop and was in the sale - which meant a larger budget for the shoes, handbag and pashmina - decided against a hat - I think it might be too flamboyant amongst 6 other guests.

I've made the bed, put out clean towels, cleaned the house, but forgotten the flowers - last weeks' lilies are looking very tired - I hope Toh thinks they are an avant garde Ikibana display. Roll on August - Jack in Spain - me out of pain!



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