Friday, July 30, 2004

I had a life changing telephone conversation today - with a cleaner! No more coming home on a Friday night to a grubby, untidy unwelcoming home - hello, shiny kitchen floor, clean windows, sparkling mirrors, dust-free skirting boards, carpet! She even irons!!!!

My life will be transformed - no more guilt, no more shame, no more piles of clothes threatening to swamp me like a mini Aberfan in my sleep. I had to keep my curtains closed tonight - we had 20 odd people down the garden - party for the Japanese. Mum had prepared a great spread - which was good 'cos i was starving - haven't had time for lunch this week - in fact I don't recall many breakfasts or dinners either, I did have a tin of cold macaroni cheese on Tuesday I think.

It's always the same people at these things - don't see much of them from one year to the next and then see them 3 times in a week- you start to run out of things to say - I almost told them about my online dating - good job I wasn't drinking - I might have started to show them some of my collected pictures!

I remembered at about 8.30 that I was supposed to be at a Singles Night in Leeds with Lorraine - I'm seeing her on Saturday - Eva's hen night - I'll make suitable apologies.

Talking of Eva - she's sold her flat in less than a day! Full asking price! First viewer bought! Look out Sheffield - here she comes! I'll miss the nights in Rodley - never did make it into the Barge - oh well! I'm sure the Lead Mill will more than compensate.



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