Thursday, July 29, 2004

Everyone should have a Japanese exchange student - but only if they also have a Mum like mine. Not only did she pick him up for me yesterday, take him out for dinner and then drop him and Jack off for their trip to lincoln this morning, she also took them both out for dinner this evening - Giovanni's this time. It was supposed to be a night for the adults only, but there were 2 spare places and they both seem to have had a really good time.

Tomorrow they are going to Whitby for the day and then there is a party at ours in the evening - I did offer to help out but Mum has it all under control, she says. Even so, I think I might come home early, well earlier, and make sure she has chilled the wine and defrosted the sausages - menopause can have devastating effects on a hostess' ability.

Friday they are going to York. I might have to entertain them in the evening - pizza and a video me thinks - and then golf and rock-climbing on Saturday. My lovely clients, Mark & Becky, have said they can go free but only if I promise to go in trousers and have a go myself. The idea of a freebie certainly appeals but I'm not sure my confidence has grown sufficiently to relish having my arse strapped into a harness and raised 12 feet above one of my favourite client's head!

I will be saying Sayonara to my guest that evening as I have a pressing engagement in Leeds - Eva's hen night - she says she wants it low-key but I think she protesteth too much - I toyed with the idea of borrowing the communal blow-up doll ensemble from Vickie, but as Eva's not in that particular circle of friends and is unlikely to respect our unwritten rules, I might have to purchase new accoutrements - either that or get in touch with Hannibal Lecturer and see if he's available for a cabaret spot!

Cute Suit has been in touch again today, third time this week - and it's only Wednesday! I'm hoping he's holding back on the suggestion of dinner at San Pietro knowing how busy (!) I am with my foreign visitor (I have no idea how to spell or properly pronounce his name). He knows Jack is going to be away for most of August and that I'll be home alone - fingers crossed for a sizzling month!


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