Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I spoke too soon about the flipping weather. I had to glide to work this morning - and I live at the top of a hill! It meant I couldn't wear my beatiful new suede Hobbs mules - and the knob had dropped off the bottom of my cheap George alternatives so I have spent the day clicking about the place like a pirate with a metal leg. What's more the jolly shoe repair man in the market has just gone on holiday for 2 weeks so I guess I'll have to go shoe shopping - again - when all this rain stops.

I haven't had any success in getting rid of Jack - despite receiving some rather surprising, but very welcome help from an unexpected source for over 2 hours last night. Who would have guessed that Cute Suit has a secret desire to be a travel agent! He spent the time trawling the net for flights whilst I chattered away at the other end of his second phone line.

Now I know I have been capable of misreading signals in the past, but surely even I can't have got this one wrong. Would a guy who knows I have internet access both at work and home and am not afraid to use it, bother wasting his entire evening searching for ways and means of sending my son off to teenage bliss whilst filling me in on the last 8 years of North Lincolnshire LegalLand gossip, if he wasn't just a teeny bit interested? Christ! Did you see how long that last sentence was? That's legal drafting skills for you.

Anyway, we now have a return fixture planned - next Thursday. Thank goodness I have something (besides The Wedding of the Century) to look forward to - turns out all the tickets for Madge had sold out and the cottage in the Lakes is booked until the end of September.

Oh well, at least I'll still have some money left when I finally get round to taking the poorly car into the garage for a medical. Right! I am going to do the sensible thing and go to bed.zzzzzzz


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