Monday, August 09, 2004

I have achieved my goals this weekend. I have a fab wedding present sitting on my kitchen worktop - my freshly bleached and destained worktop that is.

I am also the proud owner of a sparkling and mildew-free shower - it took me an hour and forced me to shed all my clothes and get right into all the nooks and crannies but the grout certainly appreciates it - shame I'll be the only one to admire it. I am treating the house cleaning thing a bit like the Forth Bridge - a rolling programme with small sections targetted at a time - that way I won't get too daunted and give up at the first span (or dirty pan). At this rate my house might just be acceptable to my new cleaner when she comes to inspect week after next.

I haven't been so successful in purchasing tickets for Jack's trip to Spain - I am hoping the onset of the sunny post-rain weather will cause people to choose to holiday at home and drive the price of flights down. But the money I have saved on not booking plane seats has now been spent on Madonna tickets. I have promised Lorraine that i will not don a pointy bra and I shall also offer to drive so as to ensure there is no danger of me playing my ringtone along with her anthem. Christ! It's been so long that I really am feeling like a Virgin!

I have had a lovely sunny lazy weekend - Martin and Sophie turned up at the door at lunchtime - the second time in a week that he has surprised me. I was still in bed having over-indulged on the net again last night - so Jack had to relay messages through the bedroom door. We caught up with them a couple of hours later(well I had to shower, style hair and drop Byron home) in a sleepy village pub garden for sandwiches and a pickled egg - they set off for a few more hours of bicycling fun whilst Jack and I dropped in on Rachel, Steve and Callum - armed with a HoverDisc - I wanted to buy one for Jack but he was too grown up to accept it so I figured I'd get one for my next best GodSon - we even attempted 5 minutes of badminton - most exercise I've had in months.

So aims for the week? to be on time for work and The Wedding; find a cheap flight for Jack; check out the availability of my Boss' posh cottage in the Lakes and hope that Rachel & Callum can join me and Jack(assuming I have failed at task 2) and sort out my wardrobe so i can at least get the doors to close. My ironing mountain will have to wait for another week.


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