Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The week has started off well - my gnat bites are fading and don't make me look quite so much like a domestic violence victim, my bank balance has been refuelled, and all my friends are happy well and either expecting babies, recently married or about to be, even Marko has had a few days off work and has more lined up soon.

It's at times like this that I used to feel redundant - no-one wanting to pour out their souls or release vitriol, left me with time to ponder on my own shortcomings which would either cause me to take up knitting or spend even longer hours at work. I am now doing neither, although I do fancy I could knock up a rather stylish poncho if I set my mind to it.

I am actually enjoying the time to spend just reading, or dozing and even the opportunity to get away from work by 6.30! I left tonight with just 6, yes half a dozen, files to work on - it is almost unknown - ok - so I do have about 12 tapes waiting, all of which have about 20 files on them which will eventually find their way back onto my desk - but even so, it's pretty remarkable - hence I mention it.

I did almost have a confrontation with my Mum tonight - Jack had told her that I wouldn't go to Japan next year if her and John (aka Stepmonster) go - not quite what I had said - more that I had only expressed a desire to go when I thought they weren't - she wanted a chat about why - I was tired and can't get into deep mother-daughter heart to hearts at the best of times - I just denied it and smiled that of course I would love for us all to go as one big happy family - Lovely!

She didn't hang around so I think she was satisfied - I wish I could tell her that she isn't the problem - but where would I start? and how could I stop once started? Anyway - who will look after the cat and the fish and the dogs and the chickens and the ducks? Good job I persuaded her that I don't have to make a decision for at least another 9 months.


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