Thursday, August 05, 2004

What is going on here? I made a fab posting last night but it doesn't appear to have saved at all. Oh well - I can't remember what it said so it can't have been that great.

I had a day off today. Quick smell these salts!! I know - it came as a surprise to me too - but I thrive on spontaneity in small doses and as I was in very real danger of over-sleeping, I decided to spend some quality time=money with my son. We went shopping!

5 hours and a dozen or so bags later and we headed home with my 6 months supply of scented candles, new nail polish, a silver poncho - just in case I had to resort to the silver dancing shoes to go with my lilac corset dress for the wedding - and 2 purportedly expensive coats for Jack that we had snapped up for £75!

I wasn't content with that - I just had to call into all the shops that I knew would still be open when we got back home - and what do you know?! I got the perfect silk mules for my outfit - for just £6!!!! Ecstatic or what! and I even picked up a shawl in just the right shade of lilac so now I will be able to attend the wedding comfy in the knowledge that my hideously unattractive gnat bites are covered.

I didn't stop there - I bought a telly too - just 15 minutes before the store shut - Craig, the incredibly cool manager, who clearly had far more important things to do and was way too important to bother with eye-contact - casually slipped my card through the thingy - and dismissively told me it was rejected - then patronisingly suggested that I might have given him an old one - Tosser!

I, for once, calmly accepted it was a mistake - I really didn't like the way he called me "Miss" - not something I ever have a problem with -but from a 24 year old bum-fluffed shop assistant who then proceeded to call me "Love" - ffs - I sped round to the Morrisons cash point - checked my balance - phew! still healthy - and happily parted with £150 in return for my new 21" Nicam TV - teletext and everything - haven't had that before - I even bought a new hairdryer.

I would potentially have bought a Tumble Dryer and Fridge Freezer if Craig hadn't been a Wanker of The First Order. Mum has offered me her old F/F - bless her. What will I do to while away my nights if I don't have to chip ice off the inside door anymore? And I figure my new cleaner might be able to hang my clothes out so the T/D isn't a priority.

Lorraine left a message on the answerphone - looks like we might be going to see Madonna after all - just need to check out how expensive these flight tickets are going to be - and I am really starting to worry about the groaning sounds emitting from under my bonnet every time I turn the steering wheel - I can't turn the steroe any louder until my sinusitis has thoroughly cleared up.


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