Thursday, August 12, 2004

I have a reputation for being late. I accept it is not without foundation but I am never late for important things - least of all not my best friend's wedding. Which is why I got up really early, had an eyemask and a cup of tea and then enjoyed a leisurely (sparkly-clean) shower.

I set off in plenty of time and was not even that concerned when I got stuck behind an old Astra following a HGV Training vehicle at 40 miles an hour for a good 20 miles or so on very bendy roads. I did keep looking for overtaking opportunities but they never seemed to appear, or at least not ones that I was prepared to take. I knew we were about to come up to a dual carriageway just after the next roundabout - I was quite happily going with the flow until the car in front of me suddenly veered across the road straight into the path of a large lorry coming in the opposite direction!!!

Fuck! Oh my God! It all happened so quickly but also in slow motion too - if that makes any sense - I saw her looking like she was overtaking, but there's a constant stream of oncoming traffic for fuck's sake!, saw the lorry start to swerve, but it just happened - nothing I could do - Bang!!! she hit his flank, bounced into the following van - I just braked and thanked the Lord that the wing that flew off her vehicle landed under my front end and not through my windscreen.

It all sounds so trivial when I repeat it to you - but it was one of the scariest moments of my life - and the next few hours were just surreal - I guess I was a bit shocked - I cried a bit -not easy to be standing beside the A1034 in a lilac corset dress in the middle of the afternoon - the army even drove past and offered to take me to my venue - but Eva would just have thought that I was trying to upstage her - I really did not want to do anything that would detract from her Big Day in any way shape or form.

I was desperately upset for letting her down - and although I know it was not my fault, I can't help thinking that it's just typical of me to be such a crap mate on the most important day of her life- I'd spent ages the night before planning a speech and had added to it onthe journey there, well at least as far as Market Weighton. I'm sure she'll thank me one day for not mentioning her veruccas.


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