Thursday, August 26, 2004

Jesus! I got a promotion! Without any effort or enterprise! I really wasn't expecting this - it all happened since yesterday, just before lunch. I'm now the Probate/Floor manager. Not sure exactly what it will entail apart from more staff, more status, more pay and apparently not more work - and potentially a fab new car!

Well-timed as I appear to have just covered me local dealers pay-roll for the month! It went in for a simple crash repair - £350 later my tyres, brakes, oil and filters are ok! I hate it when they start needing maintenance- guess that's why I'm still single at 33!

But for how much longer? Hmmmm - I have a day at the Races booked for Saturday - followed by dinner - no invite to Best Mate's 50th the following day, but that's ok- big step like that would take a month of outfit planning - all you need to know is that things are looking fine and dandy, Just show me the wine and I'm already randy! Poor man! Hope he's taken his Sanatogen!


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