Saturday, August 28, 2004

Lucky in love, unlucky at cards, or so the saying goes! Well, it might have some basis in truth if our efforts at backing winners has anything to go by - we did have one success, £8.50 on an each way bet on the third - lost about £60 overall though!

It was a lovely day, sun shone on my exposed breasts :-? I hadn't realized quite how much the new top gaped until I saw the look of horror on Jack's face when I got home. I hastily changed into a much safer V-neck to fetch the take-away and felt much more comfortable for the rest of the evening, lolling about on the sofa to the Buena Vista Social Club.

Anyway, he kissed me again as he left - and!!!!!! patted my bum as he kissed me. Was that a clandestine way of telling me it was ok that I did it to him last week? Is this going to be the longest game of sexual chess ever played out?


Blogger Martin said...

Funny,i always thought women spent at least an hour checking their clothing in the mirror before venturing onto the public arena.Does the lady protest too much !! TEE HEE HEE. {guess who}

4:15 pm  

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