Friday, August 27, 2004

The workmen were in today doing some work on one of the offices in my new wing upstairs. I cheekily collared one of them as he was sawing some wood outside my office, to see if he could spare me a bit to prop open my window. I don't know if it was my winning smile or the fact that I was wearing a skimpy camisole under my suit jacket, which I had of course removed, it being so hot without an open window, but basically I now have 2 lengths of wood which will enable me to vary the height at which I prop it open, and what's more - he instructed me to act for him buying a house!

I also got a new client who is selling a house complete with peacocks! I feel a sight visit might be needed. I've always fancied peacocks wandering about our garden but my miserable grumpy old excuse for a stepfather refuses! So they make a bit of mess and peck your car if it's too shiny apparently ( a problem I'm rarely likely to encounter) but it would be fabulous, Darling!


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