Saturday, September 11, 2004

The workload seems to have increased again. Not sure if that is in direct correlation to the fact that Eva is now back off holiday and keen to sell her flat, Roger's flat and buy the new house that she put a successful offer on from Austria. Wonder if Roger is aware that copious amounts of Cava numb the agony of dilemmas over flooring materials? I must make a mental note to tip him off.

Spoke to Ali - or Mother Earth as she should erstwhile be known. Shelling peas second time around by all accounts - I'll take her word for it. I'll try and call in and see her and new baby Ella if I get chance on the way back from Wales - but I have to be back home for 8pm in time to see the closest I'm ever going to get to TV - my clients are being showcased on BBC2 and there is ever such a slight possibilty that he might mention his fab lawyer. Wish I'd held out for the recordable DVD player now.

Cute Suit, alias Sunshine Man, is lying sleepless in a hotel room to a soundtrack of a snoring mate and the beat of a wedding party - and on his birthday night too. He liked my card and apparently I've come up randomly in conversation today, not instigated by him, of course - I don't quite know what was said but knowing the source fromst which it came, it had to be reasonably flattering.

And so to bed, Wales here we come!


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