Friday, September 10, 2004

Well Mum's managed to surpass herself this time - sub-somethingorother brain haemhorrage! Dozy mare! Why can't she just get a headache like the rest of us? They seem to think it is reasonably mild and likely to heal itself so they've let her home after she refused a Lumbar Puncture. The lengths she will go to avoid the start of a new term.

I took the afternoon off following a pleasant lunch with a rather nice financial advisor who seems keen to send work my way, and had my roots done once I knew Mum was coming home. It was really sunny. I quite enjoyed driving home before dusk but was a bit disappointed that Countdown didn't seem to be on. I tried to watch Richard & Judy - it soon reminded me why I stay at work so much.

House is clean, the fairy has been, Jack's out playing with his friends, so there's not much else for me to do other than watch Emmerdale and read a book.


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