Monday, September 27, 2004

To say it was a "Friendly", I've seen less aggressive fights for the last mince pies on the shelf in Tesco on Christmas Eve! The game started well enough, both sides pretty evenly matched, the other team marginally uglier but then I might be a bit biased. Our Chief Coach was the referee, but you wouldn't have known it, he was being remarkably fair.

We maintained possession for the lion's share of the first half, which was clearly beginning to piss the visitors off a bit. That could explain the force with which 2 of their less-blessed models hit Benn with a shattering dump tackle. It laid him out cold and there was a very worrying crack to be heard as he hit the deck and lay motionless for what seemed like an eternity. It was very scary indeed. Benn's one of Jack's best mates and a fellow member of the EPDC, our fastest back, it was all Jack and I could do not to cry.

He'd regained consciousness by the time the ambulance arrived, and even managed a small wave as they strapped him to a board. Thankfully one of the dads is a professional physio for our local football team and he'd been giving him First Aid and generally taking control. Nigel, the Dad, got Man of the Match.

We learned shortly before we left that he was ok, nothing serious, Phew! Whiplash and a rather nasty cut to his mouth, but they were letting him out after a short period of observation.

I've spoken to his Dad tonight and he's a bit bruised and sore but already enjoying all the attention from his sister.

The game eventually continued and we were defeated 24-0 - not a fantastic start to the season but at least no-one died.

The day improved when I drove over to see Cute. We indulged in one of my greatest passions, guaranteed to get my heart pumping and juices flowing, the Sunday Crossword, I only needed 5 clues when I left, and I'd solved them within 5 minutes of reaching home - which I think impressed him. I also knew the answer to the final 2 clues that his mates had needed for the Saturday Telegraph General Knowledge puzzle, thus ensuring that I wasn't marked down as a Barbie, not that I could ever be accused of that! I'm not glamorous or blonde enough.

I had another early alcohol-free night. And here endeth another weekend.


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