Saturday, September 18, 2004

Most Fridays I come home from a long hard week at the office feeling weary and ready to dive into a bottle of Chardonnay and let Jonathan Ross wash all over me. And who can forgive me that?

Not so last night. I left the office, and a completely empty desk at 3. I intended to arrive at Martin's early enough to secure the first slot in the shower so I had time to dry my hair and prepare for a long and diverse evening. Instead I found myself passing hammers and nails to a ladder-bestraddled host intent on securing his name above his kitchen door. An hour, a cup of tea, and interminable minor adjustments to the tilt of the frame later, Sophie had arrived,Martin was just popping into the shower to tidy it up sufficiently (his father is midway through the tiling) and Sophie and I found ourselves with 40 minutes within which we both had to be fabulous and ready for the delights of the evening ahead.

We had both had the forethought to bring 2 options of attire, one strapless, one rather more conservative. We both chose the latter option, both for entirely disparate reasons and it later proved a decision well taken.

I was looking forward to the dinner, the annual gathering of Aberdeen Grammar School Former Pupils Yorkshire section, not least as it was held at the same venue as Mrs Roger's recent wedding breakfast which I had unfortunately missed and also because I had so much enjoyed the previous year, listening to the personalities of yesteryear and generally meeting new and interesting folk.

It was much the same this year save that there were fewer women and the lamb was slightly more fatty. I was more than compensated by being seated next to the Adorable Andy, resplendent in full highland dress and a good 30 years younger than the next most eligible male(Martin, of course excluded from the selection).

We were the last to leave a very successful evening, I could regale you with anecdotes but you really had to be there, and headed South to the call of the Welly - a club, the venue of one of my favouritest client's 10th (Business)Birthday Bash.

My clubbing days are definitely numbered. Sticking to the carpet may once have felt comforting, knowing I had some sort of anchor preventing me from falling in a heap if I had drunk beyond my limit - now I know my limit, it just feels a bit tacky. I did see Mark, so I'm pleased I showed my face, I didn't know or understand any of the music but I suspect had I drunk a little more Birse Tea earlier, I would have been bumping and grinding with the best of the motley bunch.

So today - Tesco breakfast, glorious September sunshine, sleep on the sofa for the best part of the afternoon, quick dip into Tesco and a return date to Cute Suit's for tomorrow afternoon set (I last saw him on Thursday night so this is definitely hotting up). And I have another whole day before I'm back at work and I have no housework to do - I love being a lady of leisure.


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