Thursday, September 16, 2004

I am going to bed early, I am eating porridge for breakfast and fruit for lunch, I am even shunning wine(well, half the bottle - give me a break!) yet still I am absolutely shattered.

I'm getting up ok and feeling tired, that's normal, but I'm not getting that kick-in at any point throughout the day. Today I had numerous cups of strong coffee and a few Pro-Plus tablets but I could still have quite happily curled up under my desk and gone to sleep for half an hour. I even accidentally marinaded myself in caffeine when I clumsily reached for a file and poured the entire contents of my over-sized mug all over me and down into my handbag. Still no effect.

I left at 3pm to collect Jack from school. We were heading for the Presentation of his Juniour Sports Leaders Award. We were 40 minutes early so I dropped the seat down and had a few winks. It had absolutely no effect whatsoever. I still found my eyes drooping whilst in mid-conversation with the Leader of the local Council, even though we were catching up on gossip about a fellow friend.

Fortunately, Jack was also feeling a bit weary and chose to forego rugby training, so after a brief sojourn into Tesco for a card for a friend of his, we came home and I promptly fell asleep on the sofa for 2 hours, waking only as Harrison Ford hit the screen at which I took my cue to start the manic tidy up in readiness for the fairy visit tomorrow - she comes to clean, not pick her way through dead flowerheads and dirty pots.

I should have a reasonably easy day tomorrow - work 'til 2 then off to visit another estate agency with my Lovely New Boss - I might offer to drive in the hope that he offers me a new car. But then I have to kick my heels 'til 11pm before picking Jack up from his party (hence the card). There'll be no cleaning to do and the plumped cushions on the sofa will be oh so tempting.

Perhaps I'm catching my probate guy's apathy/lethargy virus. No that can't be it - I'm still motivated. I will be drinking and dancing at the weekend - if I last the course I will know for sure that hedonism is the way to go.


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