Monday, September 20, 2004

It was a beautiful morning - so much so that I almost didn't mind getting up at 7.30 to take Jack to his County trials. I am sure I was told we had to be there for 9.30 - so I was rather surprised when we rolled up at 9.40 to find we were amongst the first. Surely the County coaches wouldn't stoop to the tactics that my friends at the Club use - that is to tell me the arrival time is half an hour earlier than it actually is, so as to ensure I have a half-decent chance of getting him there on time.

John (alias Fucking Hostile) bought me a cup of coffee and a bacon buttie ( I gave him the fat off it) and then proceeded to make me giggle at the back, so much so that we were in danger of being shown the red card. I left before we got ourselves into trouble and came home and prepared a pretty fab Cottage Pie ready for tea.

I almost left it too late to jump in the shower and wash my hair. I wanted to achieve the "I've been standing on a rugby touchline and look how fabulous I am" effect. I think it was reasonably successful. At least, Cute seemed very pleased to see me when I popped round for a cup of tea half an hour later.

We did a bit of the crossword ( I only need 2 more clues and I'll have completed it), had another cup of tea - and then it was off to pick up my Rising Star, a borrowed set of golf clubs to boot.

Jack was more excited about them than he was interested in whether he'd made the squad. My lounge has already been turned into a make-shift putting green with the aid of a jug and some carefully positioned cushions. Rather that than find small holes bored in the lawn though.


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