Wednesday, September 29, 2004

How on earth did it get round to Wednesday evening again so quickly? And it's not as if I've been doing anything interesting that would help the time fly by quicker - just work, the odd PR visit to local agents and then alcohol-free nights, due in part to a desire to be more healthy, but if truth be told more to do with the fact that I am penniless until tomorrow - Pay Day! Yippee!!!

I am torn between the need to get an early night, as I'm up at 5 again tomorrow for the second networking meeting, and the desire to go and buy a bottle of wine, or forego the wine but visit Tesco at midnight, when my bank account will be credited and stock up on all the little luxuries I'm about to run out of, like food and toilet roll!

I suspect I shall end up with a combination, the dullest; early night, no wine, no provisions and no call from Cute who is out with his golfing chums for an end of summer blow-out. The worrying thing is, I'm actually beginning to enjoy curling up in bed early with a book and waking refreshed the next day. I'm also beginning to enjoy the relaxation of workload. I think there may be a correlation between the 2.

Maybe I don't have to work 14 hours a day, 6 days a week and have energy enough left to simply open a bottle of wine and tip it down my neck at night. I keep telling myself I could leave early and go for a run after work - so far I've managed to find something to do to occupy my time sufficiently to ensure that it's been almost dark by the time I've actually got home ( hence the reason I am writing this right now) but I can't put it off for ever - nor do I want to - I'm sort of getting into training for it - I ran up to cashiers on the fourth floor about a dozen times today and managed to hold a conversation, without sounding like an asthma sufferer as soon as I reached the top on each occasion!

I've got 7 weeks before my charity ball, if I can get into one of my evening frocks by then I'll be delighted!


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