Friday, October 08, 2004

I've achieved a lot today, but then having been up since 5am one would expect it! I woke up before my alarm! It was a bit odd really- I was suddenly wide awake, bang on 5am, lying on my back with the strange sensation that someone had just flicked my front tooth - the Crown! the one I have nightmares about losing. I swear I could feel the actual ping as if someone had just tapped it with a metal object! Anyway.........

I was up, showered, dressed and on the road for 6.06am. It was dark and could have made me feel miserable, but I'd taken the precaution of wearing my Gucci's and a new winter kilt with nail polish to match the fuschia running through it and a matching top. I felt remarkably good for that time of day.

The meeting went well - I had a few referrals which isn't bad considering we're not officially established yet. The day then passed in a whirr, countless phone-calls, many uncharacteristically unanswered, far too many clients, a departmental meeting the main focus of which was our new swanky Smartboard, the disturbing Risk Management issues a mere aside, more clients, more unreturned phone calls, 2 voicemail messages from Cute's secretary! and I'm convinced he hates me!

I agonise for a good(? bad) 5 minutes, and discuss it with Andrea, who I'm sure would much rather have known her lawyer had her mind on the job, given that I was handling her sale today, decide to just leave it and see what if anything happens, and then email him a "Come for Supper or be abducted by Aliens! You choose!" message.

I've read The Rules - I've even had them read to me for 3 hours after a particularly upsetting episode where I had clearly broken every one so no wonder he'd dumped me! so I knew I was committing relationship suicide. Bugger me! He accepted!

I did the natural thing and dashed home, via yet more dreary flesh-pressing with weary estate agents and Tesco - prepared dinner, arranged some lillies, hoovered ( there was a power-cut whilst Angel Features was here today so she's excused), changed the bedding ( a hopelessly optimistic effort), collected Jack and his new prized Paintball hopper, threw a shower-head over me and remarkably answered the doorbell with a smile and make-up on my face, newly painted nails and wine chilled!

I'd set some expensive scented candles burning to disguise the slight hint of burnt dinner. I might have got away with it coupled with the dim lighting had Jack not drawn deliberate attention to the obvious charred appearance at the bottom of the pan. He was either too hungry/tired/scared or far too polite to leave anything. I ate next to nothing, mainly because I'm well brought-up and don't speak with my mouth full, I chose to talk a lot.

Consequently, I'm in a better mood. It will probably be short-lived, we have no subsequent date set so I thoroughly anticipate going through this whole trauma again in a week's time, but I guess I'll just have to get my bossy breaches on again and back him into a corner again.

And Eva's flat sold today - what a non-event after all the efforts to buy it in the first place - that was hell - I must blog about it one day soon when I have no other delights or disappointments to dwell on - I called her to tell her and it was like water off a duck's back - this marriage lark is having a much more character-reassigning effect than drugs ever did!

Jesus! I've been awake and very very active( sheet changing was not necessary with hindsight but welcomed now) for 20 hours - and it all starts again in 6!


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