Monday, October 18, 2004

Boy! Was my heart pounding at 4am this morning! No - Cute hasn't suddenly returned with a case-load of Viagra! My doorbell has decided it wants to wake me from my slumberings instead!

I was vaguely aware of a short sharp buzz permeating my dreaming - it became a reality pretty quickly but was still a very quick buzz. I lay there for a while wondering if I really had heard it or whether my overactive imagination was playing games with me.

Then it went again, this time for an average length of time - the other, earlier rings could be discounted as mere pulses - albeit spaced about 3 minutes apart - I was awake and taking notice. When it happened again, a normal type of ring, I was a bit concerned, enough so that I tried to phone my Mum - the line was engaged! I started to wish I hadn't watched those trailers for Horror movies on the last DVD I hired - then -- FUCK ME!!!

It just went on and on and on and on .......... I was terrified! What could I do? I couldn't call Mum. I couldn't look in case there was someone there - or worse, no-one there! I had no option. I had to leg it out of my room, hoping whoever or whatever wouldn't see me as I quickly darted across the hallway and risked life and limb circumnavigating 2-years-worth of Jack's discarded sports equipment.

Mum's hall light was on and thankfully, she woke pretty quickly when I tapped on her open bedroom door and calmly explained that my doorbell was going berserk. She just as rapidly turfed John from his middle-of-the-night-Cyber-antics and sent him to discover the reason for my untimely disturbance whilst offering me a cup of coffee. I declined the caffeine, I was going to have a hard enough time of it getting back to sleep as it was!

It appears I have a dodgy connection on my doorbell wiring. What a relief! But the real trauma was seeing StepMonster at 4.30am in his greying Y-fronts and a vest! How will I ever find peace again?

It's a miracle that Jack and I even made it to watch the match this morning (he's still a bit bronchial from his chest infection and although willing, nay eager to play, he was excused this week) made even more so from the fact that I apparently won the raffle! I celebrated by opting to defer Jack's torture of a Fungus Forage and take him instead to the flicks - LayerCake is good but a bit violent - I did enjoy it, but I confess to covering my eyes in parts - never when the delectable Danny Craig was part of the buffet though.

Jack is slowly beginning to accept that I do have taste when it comes to choosing movies - Hooray! No more Scorpion King-esque rubbish! He can watch Blade 3 with his mates.


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