Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I did a very grown-up thing at the weekend. I bought Steak. I know, how has a gourmet such as I made it to 33 and never bought proper meat? I blame my 12 years as a Veggie, it sort of conditioned me to go for safe stuff that doesn't ooze blood and never really looks like it had a life outside its plastic wrapper.

But you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs - and I can't cook steak without it looking as if it might moo at any minute. Rachel and Callum were very appreciative and made lots of cooing noises (probably to drown out the mooing they feared might come from their plates at any minute). By 11pm I was shattered. There's only so much cooking and Monopoly playing a weary girl can take!

I decided to snuggle into the last few pages of my book and before I knew it, it was almost 3am. Boy! It was a good book - Vernon God Little - I recommend it.

I was bored on Sunday - the sun was shining, the wind had dropped, the house was tidy (Rachel had very kindly done the washing-up before she left). I fancied a romantic walk in the woods, kicking leaves, discovering interesting fungi, and generally cultivating a rosy glow about my cheeks - I lay on the sofa with the Sunday crossword 'til the desire ebbed away and I dozed until dusk. I know Rosa would have appreciated the walk and would probably have rewarded me with a huge smacker on the lips - she does that anyway - but a 12 stone dog isn't really the companion I had in mind.

So this morning I left 6 teenagers, 2 girls 4 boys, sleeping in as I left for work. They had been very well-behaved and I think they'd appreciated the Serrano-wrapped Asparagus I'd taken through for supper, against Jack's protests - he was worried his mates would think I was pretentious when the rest of the mums just throw bags of crisps at them. They didn't burn the house down - which was a relief, I had noticed Jack wielding an axe and carrying firewood into his Gramma's lounge last night. And they appeared to have slept seperately - at least jack was in his own bed alone when I kissed him goodbye this morning.

So I'm so busy this week, I doubt I'll have time to notice that Cute hasn't called the minute his plane has touched down. Dinner with Gayle tonight, breakfast meeting tomorrow,rock-climbing tomorrow night, rugby Wed, trying to think of something terribly exciting for Thurs, party that I will probably not go to on Friday, party that I have said I definitely will go to Saturday, sleeping on Sunday. I haven't included the time I'll be spending doing my own more-than-full-time job, covering for the Probate department and keeping one of the satellite offices afloat, all when I was supposed to have a week off. Yawn! Boo Hoo!

I want a cuddle!


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