Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy New Year! I survived the Deauville Strangler who turned out to be a quiet, thoughtful chap who got us an upgrade on our already sumptuous room and took me on a whistle-stop tour of Northern France.He wasn't much of a dancer so I contented myself with a jolly fat French businessman who CeRoced me to within an inch of my stillettos.

We had a walk along the beach - Omaha. We visited some war graves and we saw some Troglodyte dwellings. My favourite bit was seeing all the mistletoe which has colonised most of the trees between Normandy and the Loire valley. There was no kissing under it though.

New Year's Eve had to be one of the finest dinners I've ever attended. The food was sublime, the entertainment interesting and the champagne unlimited. Fabulous!

We did very little else all weekend other than indulge in a number of DVDs and partake of the local vin.

I had a very uncomfortable journey back to the car from the terminal. I had taken pull-in tights with me - you know the ones, reinforced in all the right places. Well they tend to have a mind of their own and often start to roll down - by the time I reached my car - after dragging my larger-than-necessary suitcase along numerous corridors, past sleepy immigration, and a number of chauffeurs who actually looked alright, flagged down a bus just as it was about to leave, and even had a conversation with an Irish guy who had mistaken my case for his, the tights were just about keeping up with my mid-thigh! I must have looked like a Chinese Pearl Diver who had been swaddled from birth. I toyed with the idea of hoisting them up as I sandwiched myself between my car and the next - but then thought about CCTV .

I jumped in, turned on the engine and whipped those tights off so quick it would have brought tears to Old Deauville Daddy's eyes if he'd have seen it - all that money spent and only now does she show dexterity in any interesting department!

Jack is responding appreciatively to my return - I've had hugs and no demands for money yet - must have something to do with having waved at his girlfriend last night. She thinks I'm nice, apparently.

I'm just really quite pleased to be alive - the concerns of my friends did not go unmarked - and a bit humbled at the big deal that I made about it - I'm just a normal, quiet girl, wanting a normal quiet life. I lack any form of excitement other than the weekly Sunday Crossword - so I look for evermore exotic things to do. Work will do me just fine for now.


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