Friday, December 17, 2004

Angel Features has given me the best Christmas present ever. I am so thrilled I cannot begin to tell you.

Ok - I can.

I've recently sorted out some Wills for her and her husband - all in a day's work to me - very easy and absolutely no sweat whatsoever. Ok - so I'd normally charge well over £100 plus VAT for them and that's if they came to the office, not personal visits at home well after hours- but I like to do favours for nice people and she makes a mean cup of tea. And what else would I be doing with my evenings? Anyway...........

She texted me mid-afternoon to say that her husband's Will was signed and on my coffee table - and that she'd left me a surprise!! I was intrigued and a little worried that she might have taken all my bar humbug jokes to heart and........... horror of horrors - put up a Christmas Tree for me!!! It would be staying there 'til she came back to work in January.

How utterly thrilled do you think I felt when I eventually arrived home from work to find her husband had installed my new loo seat, which has been sitting there for almost a year, rehung a picture that had fallen down about 6 months ago, and tightened all my electrical sockets. I could have cried I was so overcome. I could not have asked for a better Christmas present.

And it gets better - I then got a call to say that a couple of my sockets were dodgy - not only will he fix them - he'll also look at sorting out the lamp on my dressing table which threatens to electrocute me every time I dry my very long hair.

I have the Best Cleaner In The World! And she has the best husband ( for her - he's into Dungeons & Dragons stuff so I'm not that jealous) and combined they are one of the nicest most selfless, honest and genuine couples I have come across in years. I'm ever so humble.


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