Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I felt a bit jaded this morning after a bit of a mammoth weekend. So I wasn't prepared when I pulled up in the car park right next to one of Cute's partners (professional - the rumours were unfounded)- a girl I used to know quite well. I'm ashamed to say that I sort of ignored her, just a weak smile, the kind you give a stranger who's path you cross. I couldn't do anymore for risk of blurting out inappropriate and pathetic sentiments.

I hobbled down the road as fast as my long, but-no-longer-tight pin-stripes would let me and was very relieved to reach my desk unscathed. The day passed relatively uneventfully until I remembered the small detail that Jack has a County match on Wednesday so I won't be able to attend the naughty knicker party that my prodigal assistant has planned. I sent my apologies and received a catalogue in reply. I'm tempted by the shocking pink nipple tassels - if nothing else, they'll amuse the cat as we sit together on the sofa at Christmas.

Ellen MacArthur has the right idea how to spend the holidays - if only I could find a similarly challenging undertaking - chances are we'll both be as at sea - difference being she knows how to skipper her boat alone. I've been doing it without noticing for so long, and keep rounding those horns, I'm just getting weary of doing it alone.


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