Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I am not destined to be a groupie after all, it would appear. Personal reasons have prevented Rachel & I receiving our invites to join Justin & the gang backstage. It's a little disappointing. It had taken me ages to sew the sequins on my spandex orange catsuit. I'm sure my colleagues at the breakfast meeting tomorrow will appreciate my efforts, but it's not quite the same as wearing it before a heaving throng of rockers!

So now what am I going to do with my night? I'm almost worked up here - just 2 more files to work on and a fax from a friend to look at and I'm done. I don't have to pick Jack up from training 'til 8ish and I hate going home and then having to turn out again. I can't have a glass of wine ( cf. breakfast meeting) and I'm trying to keep my mind occupied. It keeps defaulting into ever more elaborate witty ways of getting a guy, who has already demonstrated he is not worthy of any more of my energies, to appreciate that I am an incredibly talented, funny, babe the likes of which he is very lucky to have even encountered, let alone received a glance back from.

My gym bag is in the boot - I guess I could go for a work-out - but it's been there for the last 18 months so chances are my training gear is not as fresh as it could be. I could pop and see Dad, but then I'll find myself telling him that I'm on my own at Christmas and he'll insist that I go to them, and that will mean going to the pub for hours on Christmas Day and listening to the same old boring conversations from the same old drunks that have been propping up the bar of the local for the last 33 years, and trying not to feel a bit superior thus confirming their opinions of me as a snotty cow!and then coming back to Turkey and vegetables that were cooked the day before and then reheated at tea-time.

I can't go shopping 'cos I'm stony broke til the end of the month and if I call and see a friend I'll find myself back on my current default topic of conversation! And that defeats the object of trying to get him out of my flipping mind!!

Perhaps I'll just drive around spotting those sad breed of people that enjoy dressing their homes up with more lights than Blackpool. I have unusually strong views on these people which could not possibly be printed. But they do always have a way of making me feel that no matter how low I get, I could never ever get THAT sad!!


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