Thursday, November 18, 2004

Holiday? Did I have one? When? Where did it go? Who said? No! It's all a tissue of lies.

I am back up to speed, firing on all cylinders and performing some pretty nifty footwork with a trinity of adverse possessions (3 in one day, someone is looking down on me!) I got them licked along with the last of my backlog and was even able to fire off an email to my Lovely Boss timed at 8.37pm (my computer is running 4 minutes behind) with some pretty impressive Risk Management solutions. He would probably have preferred that I was sitting in some pub somewhere having a life and watching the boys get slaughtered in Spain.

I was just in time to watch Jack give it his last effort on a large overhang at the Climbing Wall, he was shattered and despite my protestations, insisted on coming home immediately, leaving Bob and Andrew making like SpiderMan.

So up at 5am tomorrow. I shall practice my Hook in the car on the way there (that's too early even for Wogan) .........

Cherrypie - glazed outer-casing, looks a little bit rich and heavy, crack it open and be seduced by the voluptous, tasty, soft centre - indulge your appetite, you'll want another piece. You only have to ask.
More Cherrypie, please!


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