Thursday, November 11, 2004

There is a God! I went shopping for some new black trousers the other day and was surprised to find that my usual size were extremely baggy, to the point of being possible to remove them without undoing them. I got an Assistant to check I hadn't accidentally picked up the wrong size or misread the label. No! I was right! Bring the lady in cubicle 3 a normal person's size! The fag and wine diet certainly seems to agree with me.

In celebration, I drove over to see Mrs Roger in her new marital home. I can see why she's anxious to move. We ate out down Eccleshall Road. It must be about 9 years since I was last down there and on that occasion I was dressed as a Gravestone. That is not a reference to my extreme Goth days. It was a Halloween party - I was Ida Goodbody R.I.P.

I had planned to drive home first thing whilst she went to work. Instead we wandered around the Botanical Gardens with Roger and some frisky squirrels and I set off just in time to get back for the County match.

I had a quick drink with Nick whilst the boys warmed up. Last week he'd still been bewailing the loss of Anna but looking forward to his trip to America at the weekend. He's since had 3 dates with a skinny young lawyer from Lincoln who he'd met on Saturday and was dashing home to enjoy an evening of DVD and pizza with her. Flipping heck, when Nick sets his mind to something, he really knows how to go for it.

The match was an eventual draw, having been a try up for most of the match. It was very wet and muddy, and as my jeans were dropping off my reducing hips, I was traipsing it everywhere.

Anyway, just got back from the Doc's - Jack's blood tests were fine as I suspected. I treated him to GTA San Andreas - it was the last one in the shop - he was thrilled but not so much so as to agree to take me to my Ball at the weekend. I am usually so resourceful but with all the single men I know either in America or hiding behind their sofas from me, I am really struggling to come up with ideas. Maybe I'll get some inspiration at the quiz tonight. I'm driving my old Biology teacher. Now that's something you don't do very often.


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