Monday, November 15, 2004

Isn't it always the case that the evenings with which you look forward with fear and dread turn out to be the best nights!?

A knight in shining metallic paintwork turned up at the eleventh hour in the shape of Pixie Peter. I should have known that a guy who can salsa will also have his own dry-cleaned dinner suit. He was the perfect companion at a very successful function. The food was good, the raffle was well received (my former Head of Upper School, a Newcastle United season ticket and shareholder won the signed shirt and proceeded to wear it with pride for the rest of the night; I won the Power Screwdriver and nowhave no need for a man of any description), I danced more than I drank, my hair went up like a dream and............get this!!

I suddenly decided at 6.55pm to try on my favourite evening dress, the one I haven't been able to get into for over 3 years. It fitted!!! I shall expect copies of the telegraph to sell out very quickly when that shot appears in a few weeks time.

I'd also had a reply from Strawberry Dish Date, who I'd rather optimistically emailed earlier in the week. Turns out, if I'd texted him instead, as he was away and hadn't seen the messages 'til Saturday morning, he'd have been more than happy to fill the breach. So I went from no date to a choice of 2 in 24 hours.

The U/15s held a respectable draw when we travelled away this morning, Jack scoring both tries. We celebrated by going to see Bridget Jones this afternoon (ok, so he's not quite 15 but I hate going to the cinema alone, especially to see a film about a singleton). I found the film entirely far-fetched and unbelievable from the very start. That she could unwittingly be charged with drug-smuggling and get thrown into a Thai jail - I can live with! That she could then proceed to teach all the other occupants English and lead them in a chorus of Like A Virgin - yep! That she can turn down a rampant Hugh Grant - well, I struggle but can see how it could happen!

But that she can mistakenly believe a friend that tells her that the man upon whom she has formed a liking is seeing another, accuse him, apologise and have him accept that apology and still continue to desire her company? What a ridiculous flight of fantasy!

That never happens to real 33 year olds with a bottom the size of 2 bowling balls!!!! Even when she's dropped 2 dress sizes apparently overnight.


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