Sunday, November 21, 2004

Today I have been mostly sleeping. Jack called at 10ish wanting me to take his MP3 player down to his new place of work. I promptly fell back to sleep. He called again at 11.30 - I dozed a bit more. He was furious when he got back just after 12 and proceeded to shout at me to get up every 5 minutes, culminating in him dragging my duvet off me and forcing me to get up and into the shower where it was warm. I was presentable by 3pm!

I enjoyed a coffee with Lisa whilst he had his haircut. We both congratulated ourselves on our remarkable weightloss achievements and I got myself an invite for Boxing Day. I'm beginning to crawl out of my gloomy place so the thought of being a sad old lonely cow sitting home alone on my sofa all Christmas isn't terribly appealing.

We dashed into Tesco and had fun on the new self-service scanning till. I feel secure in the knowledge that if my talents as a hot Property lawyer dry up, I can hold my own in a supermarket.

Jack went to the cinema whilst I slept on the sofa a bit longer. I am conserving my energy for next week. Backstage at a Rock Concert, the prospect of squeezing into a rhinestone-encrusted lycra catsuit followed by a 7am breakfast meeting is sure to take its toll.

And my malicious streak got a kick when I saw the results again tonight. Oh Dear! Poor old Liverpool! Tee Hee!


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