Friday, November 19, 2004

70 hours in the bag! My junior doctor application has been reinstated and my company catheter is due to be upgraded within the next week. It's paid off - I left with just 3 files to work on, and that was through choice having tossed it off for most of the afternoon checking out a really funny website - I'd give you the location if I could remember it. I think!

I sent the link to Cute. I couldn't help myself. I've spent all week praising myself on having avoided any contact and obvious rabbit-boiler behaviour and this was not anything like that. I genuinely thought he'd appreciate it.

So I turned down the opportunity to go to 2 very Posh Do's tonight - the local equivalent to Hello! magazine's Ball and the town's Annual Law Society dinner - the trauma of getting a date last week is still etched in my mind, I couldn't go through that again. Instead I suffered the indignity of Children in Need night on my sofa. Fortunately I slept through most of it. It does have its benefits.

Jack has his first day at work tomorrow. I might have to do a bit of housework. Angel Features is off for a week or 2 and the dead lilly petals are threatening to engulf me.

Other than that - relaxation is the key word for the weekend.


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