Monday, November 22, 2004

I was up bright and early, showered and wrapped up warm ready for our trip to deepest Lincolnshire. Jack had other ideas and managed to drag his sorry ass out of his pit 5 minutes before our intended rendez-vous at the Club. I had hoped to cadge a lift. My resources are seriously depleted from a month of charitable giving and honouring some outstanding garage bills so I am trying to conserve them wherever possible.

I moaned so much that he offered to give me his remaining £8 wages towards the petrol in penance for having overslept and forcing me to drive. I intend to accept temporarily if my expenses claim isn't paid immediately.

We started the match as if we meant it. The other team never even looked like getting close to our half let alone our 22, but they did put up a good defence. 12-0 to us, we're actually through to the second round of something! Marvellous!

Marko called just as the match ended so I invited us over for tea. It was the only sure way of getting a square meal and credit where due, he's a good cook. He was also very good company although I do get a bit nervous when he hands out unprovoked compliments. He also loaded me up with unwanted kitchen gadgets again. The blender has already proved more useful than the Pineapple Corer that he gave me last time. Jack's made himself a smoothie. I haven't dared look in the kitchen yet.

So, to the rubber gloves...............


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