Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The week remains so far so good. I was early this morning - that beats being on time and in my world scores 2 points. I'd have had more but I resisted the urge to get up at 5.3oam, it would only have resulted in ill-advised emails and more importantly Jack, the delicate flower that he is, would have missed school - he slept late, complaining of a headache from one too many rugby boots in the head at training - I say - Get over it - if you think hard, you'll at least be thinking - that has to be an advantage on most of the rugby community!

So instead I dozed away an hour or so and came up with a brilliant ad campaign for Cute's business - I can see it on the local cinema screen now - and it's so simple and so effective - and I managed to stop myself preparing a Power Point presentation of it - so all is well with the world.

I had a lovely dinner with Sarah tonight - I was very tempted to cancel given the state of my finances, but as it was at least June that we last caught up, and that Jon, the fabulously wonderful Office Manager had immediately rousted the Juniors to fetch my expenses in cash the minute I asked, I felt compelled to honour and enjoy my engagement. I did. I'm glad.

I just hope I can maintain this social persona for a longer period. It's so easy to slip back into long hours, nothing planned in the week, and lazy weekends. But as Sarah says, Jack will only be home for a couple more years and then I'll be 35 and looking for something to occupy my Sunday mornings.


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