Monday, November 29, 2004

I have not let the grass grow under my feet this weekend. I almost had a date today, but decided to give it a miss. Having stood on a touchline, soaked to the skin, for over an hour, I just wanted to dive into a warm bath and let my cares drain away down the plug-hole.

Yesterday I was supposed to meet some old friends for lunch and go through some contracts. I made it, just an hour late, which was pretty remarkable given that I'd managed to shower and had been up all night chatting to strange men. They know me well so would almost have been disappointed if I'd been on time. It's odd how Smug Marrieds find the traumas of singledom so interesting. Grass is always greener.

I went home facing another ordinary Saturday night on the sofa. Which is actually where I spent it, but with a man! An attractive one of my own age!!! Gosh! That's a first, if you don't count Nick and Paul and Martin and Bernard, which I don't 'cos they are almost honorary girl friends.
Jagged Phil had nothing better to do than drive halfway up the nisa (sic!) end of the country to meet a very hung-over and world-weary me, his only reward a paltry Bolognese and enough verbal garbage from me to fill a warehouse.

Then today, after the rugby and much hilarity watching Jack and his team mates (and coaches) having their legs waxed for Chaa -ridy( I paid an extra quid so I could tear a strip off him in public - I brought blood)! we eventually called on Gez and her 6 beautiful 3-week old Siberian Huskie puppies. Sooo sweet. I want one and almost tried to smuggle one out in my rapidly diminishing bra-cup. Thomas noticed though and risked humiliation (mine) by asking why my chest was so hairy. We stayed for dinner - a huge Chinese take-away - it's her birthday tomorrow - and having devoured the lion's share, Jack brought the left-overs home in a doggy (puppy?) bag. He's been like a pig in muck all night - there will be no sense from him until the cartons are empty.

Turns out the owner of the Stud dog is a lad I went to PlaySchool/ Juniors with - haven't seen him since we were 11 - he's still as quiet and looks just the same. He didn't recognize me! I'm not sure if that is a good thing!


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