Friday, November 26, 2004

I overslept!

Well, at least I did hear my alarm at 4.45am, I reached out and foolishly pressed "Cancel" instead of "Snooze" - next thing I knew, I was awake and it was light - 8am!! I'd slept through 2 more alarms (radios, both of which play for an hour) so I just jumped in the shower and took advantage of the fact that I wasn't expected at work 'til much later.

I had a brief chat in the hall with Angel Features, who has now returned and was busily aromatising the place as I set off for work. I sent a quick apology to my fellow red-eyes promising a fabulous array of guests next week and skirting over my reasons for absence. It helps that one of my guests next week is a builder with a side-line in lap-dancing clubs(I was best mates with his sister at Infant school, I have not met him professionally) - I'm forgiven as long as they get a 10 minute presentation apparently. Ever anxious to please, I am considering asking Simon for access to his club during my lunch hour to practice! I might even enquire as to whether they have Novelty Nights - the extra cash would not go amiss right now!

And then I got a call from a potential date - I was a litle relieved when it got postponed to tomorrow - I was tired, despite my lay-in, and didn't feel my most fabulous, dazzling self. I contented myself with chatting for ages with Lorraine and then Eva and have fixed a girls' night out in Sheffield for next week. It must be 18 months since we all got together.

I also spoke to my sister - she too has no plans for christmas other than sitting with her cat and a tin of baked beans - we may well do it together depending on whether she moves house before or after the holidays ( I can take no blame - she rents!) but she won't know for a few weeks, so I shall continue to scan the holiday offers and hope one comes up in Cuba for a single girl who can salsa, tango, flamenco and fox-trot and cost less than her Gucci's which remain a constant despite all else!

Handbags and boots are all a girl really needs. If I say it often enough, I might start to believe it myself.


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