Saturday, November 27, 2004

Date cancelled due to over-exposure to work. Work good due to uber-efforts and extreme dynamism.

I left tonight - Friday! - with not a jot of work left on my desk! I feel like throwing a Julie and running across the Lincolnshire Wolds to the Sound of Music! It is very invigorating to know that you are going in to a completely fresh desk on Monday. It's also a little bit disconcerting, what if no more work appears, what if I'm just not liked, what if I'm no good, what if the property market has really dipped and I get made redundant?

Well, in answer to the last question - I'd survive - I've waitressed, been a barmaid, sold shoes, been accepted for the Diplomatic Corps, and can scan my own groceries in Tesco. I can do and be whatever I flipping well want in fact.And know that whatever I'm doing, I'm doing it 100%.

I treat my jobs just as I treat my relationships, fiercely loyal, totally dedicated, and want to spend far too much time on them, for little reward and only small self-satisafaction, the odd spin around a dance floor or a tasty meal somewhere would do me, ok- and a cuddle here or there would not go amiss.

Jack's at that age where I'll get a cuddle when he wants or has done something bad. Otherwise I am untouched by human upper body parts. It's really lonely.


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