Saturday, December 11, 2004

I've managed to make it to the end of the week, just. I started sneezing on Wednesday night. By Thursday afternoon, after having been the only breakfast meeting member who had bothered to turn up with a guest ( I was expecting 3 but 2 obviously thought better of it), there was a steady drip off the end of my nose and the slightest hint of shivering.

I could have got miserable - but then Sophie dropped off a picture of me and Pixie Peter at the Ball the other week - and I sent it to a few people. Positive feedback is always lovely to receive. I took advantage and customized it for my online profile - which prompted more compliments - and what do you know, I'm feeling sassy again - still sniffling and sneezing, but definitely sassy.

Maybe not the best attitude to be in when picking an outfit for the rugby parents annual Christmas dinner - a modest affair at a local eat-all-you-can - I chose the bust-enhancing corset! My bust does not need enhancing. It barely needs an introduction.

I did manage to cause some hilarity to Randolph and Bully with an entirely innocent remark that I made - I won't repeat it - you had to be there. I laughed along as they went into ever more elaborate avenues and images - I saw it as my good deed for the day.

And now I'm home - wondering what to do with myself between now and Sunday's match - sleep? read? a combination of the two feels about right.


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