Saturday, December 04, 2004

Breakfast meeting went well. I was on time, my guest beat me, he seemed to fit in to the group and is coming back next week. Work was all completed punctually and with ease. And I was only half an hour later than my ETA for my dinner date with the girls - although I was still in my work suit and hadn't showered since 5.30am.

We had a lovely meal in a trendy restaurant, not sure what the staff made of our rather unusual topics of conversation but they seemed very pleased to have met us as we finally departed. Roger arrived home much earlier than expected and we then proceeded to put the world and the CSA to rights, only admiting defeat at about 5.30 this morning - that made it a 24 hour marathon for me.

That didn't prevent me from enjoying a very pleasant pilgrimage to Chatsworth with Lol today. It's a sure sign that I'm really not looking forward to Christmas as I didn't buy a single tree decoration. I did however have a bit of a splurge in the Farm Shop and treated myself to a biog of the Mitford girls.

I was shattered on the drive home and didn't accelerate above 60mph, but I did find enough fuel left in the tank to sit and have a cup of tea with Pat & Ron, Lol's parents. They always make me feel as if I've just had a really good massage. But now I will be sleeping for England for the rest of the weekend. Match is cancelled so it's just training on Sunday, and Kathryn left a message on my answerphone to say that she's moving in January so I might not have to spend Christmas all alone after all.


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