Thursday, December 02, 2004

Newton discovered the Principles of Gravity, Einstein the Law of Relativity, and I, too have stumbled upon another eternal truth - much akin to the rule that a woman's handbag will always have far too much in it, no matter what the size, and whatever she wants is always at the bottom - you will always achieve what needs to be achieved in a days work, no matter how long you have to do it in - we shall call it the Lawyer's Law for now.

I got to work at 10am - not that I'm taking advantage of the fact that I no longer work for a Time Nazi, just that I was enjoying a particularly good bit on Wogan and had to dance around the bedroom in my underwear rather than prepare for the day - that comes tomorrow. So the morning started off pretty good.

I then completed my entire day's post and answered all my calls and emails, took some new instructions from some old clients that popped in(old as in they have been with me for a long time - nothing to do with their retirement), saw a new client and cleared my desk by a little after 1.30pm - all manouevred around 2 power cuts in that time, when I could neither access my computer or dictate rapidly into my machine, and oversaw the installation of my latest assistant's new desk and paraphenalia, confirmed my guest for tomorrow, cancelled my bereavement client for tomorrow night ( forgot about the clash with the girls when I booked him), firmed up the date with the girls - and still got home in time to clean the kitchen, have a shower and wash my hair, cook pasta for Jack ( I ate some too - must keep up the energy levels), sort out the washing and ironing, pick Sunday's papers off the floor and put them (sans Crossword) in the paper bin and still leave on time to pick up Nemesis Nick.

I took the long route round to the venue due to an overturned lorry and arrived early, had coffee, and then enjoyed a couple of games of rugby - Jack had a few cracking tackles and now sports yet another scar in the head where he was stamped - he stupidly refuses my suggestions that he should wear a crash-helmet in the future but rather bemoans the fact that the scars are hidden underneath his hair and not where he'll get sympathy from the girls and the opportunity to bask in the glory from the boys!

Bully brought his very attractive and extremely personable new lady friend. I didn't have the opportunity to chat as much as I would have liked - to Bully's relief. But that does just leave me with the option of risking life and limb trying to get a spare bed at my old Biology teacher's house when we go out for our Christmas shindig- or driving! Neither are very appealling - but driving has the edge.


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