Monday, December 06, 2004

Wow! Ain't nature brilliant! I have spent the entire afternoon in the company of hundreds of grey seal pups. I'm furious with my father for having deprived me of this amazing spectacle in my youth. I resolved not to make the same mistake with Jack and forced him to accompany me on a trip to Donna Nook.

How on earth I have lived to the great old age of 33 and not know that this miraculous breeding colony is thriving on my very doorstep, I do not know. It was just fantastic. Real live seals right next to us. Suckling, moulting, calling for dinner,one pair was even shagging. And everywhere the eye could see were more - hundreds upon hundreds of the cute furry things. 902 have been born on this beach since the end of October - and we saw most of them today.

I shall now consider it an annual event in my calendar. And recommend anyone to go. The Pork and Stuffing rolls in the car park afterwards are particularly worth the trip!


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