Thursday, December 16, 2004

For a girl that never goes out, I've not had a bad 24 hours.

Yesterday lunchtime I was supposed to be having a free lunch with Sophie at a new bar opening up just across the road from the office. They were clearly unable to cope with more than 30 people at once and had closed the doors so we grabbed a bite to eat at an old-faithful cafe and caught up on the essentials.

I then dashed home and positioned myself under the shower - not easy when the new showerhead doesn't quite fit the present attachment, I must try out my recently-acquired Power Screwdriver to make life easier. Nige off Tint turned up on cue and we had a lovely evening at a restaurant that I've been covetting for ages. Came back and I made awful coffee - nothing wrong with the coffee, I'm just used to secretaries to do that sort of thing for me.

Today I managed to replicate my previous experimental outcomes with work/time studies and had successfully answered my entire in-tray by 11.30am, even finding time to see a delightful client, and then headed off for a slap-up lunch with one of my fellow red-eye gang. He used to be a scuba-diving instructor - such an attribute in a financial advisor!

So quiche and a selection of 3 salads ( potato, coleslaw and red cabbage was my choice), a rather nice pork tenderloin on a bed of creamed parsnip, lamb rosti and roasted cod cooked in exotic spices with rather disappointing bitter chocolate samosas to finish ( tip to chef - forget the fruit - anyone that goes for chocolate puddings ain't interested in healthy stuff) - and I've eaten more, and substantially better in the last 24 hours than I have in the preceeding 24 weeks.

And it doesn't stop there - tomorrow I get to play Santa to a number of lucky estate agents spread over the neighbouring counties - Friday I go out with work, and hope my prodigal comes good with her sofa - Saturday I recuperate - Sunday is set to be a Dating Site reunion, bacon butties for breakfast with Dynamo who I've been talking to for months and emailing daily, followed by lunch with Gordy, another friend from the early days that I've yet to meet in person.

Dinner party Monday - more estate agent Santa drops Tuesday - and then - da da dah!!!!..........
Blingington Fields for lunch on Wednesday - Elton was there recently, Madonna in the summer, me? about 4 years ago - and I had to pay that time too!

I'll be glad when Christmas comes at this rate and I can have a rest.


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