Saturday, December 18, 2004

Fab night out with work last night. Food was excellent, waiters were tastier, wine flowed ( I was remarkably sensible and stuck to very long spritzers so as to pace myself - we were out from a little after 5 so I needed to spread it over the next 12 hours).

I'd intended to go to one bar where there was a possibility that the Dynamo and 31 of his engineering mates were going to be partying. I didn't make it, having spent much longer at the original venue, then transferring to its sister bar (maybe sister's not the right word - it has ever such the slightest suggestion of being a gay bar with overtly homo-erotic art displayed on large canvasses), and then managing to persuade Kirstie that she could live without seeing a personal appearance by Chesney "One and Only" Hawkes so we all ( by now we'd lost a few, but gained a couple of handsome surveyors) piled into Attic where we proceeded to throw some shapes about a pleasingly empty dancefloor and rather naughtily acquired a packet of cigarettes that appeared to have been abandoned.

By the time we'd run out of steam, money and contra-band fags, we were all having such a good time that it seemed the natural progression for everyone to come back to mine (hotel) where we could continue our group bonding, drinking and merry-making. We lasted well past 5am - some of us kept going a good while after that too.

Needless to say, the drinks bill wasn't very pretty this morning. Nor was I! And I've got to try and keep this up for at least the next week!

I shall be mostly drinking Alka-Seltzer.


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