Friday, December 24, 2004

I finally gave in and made a mad dash around Tesco and town for some presents for my sister and lots of drink. Managed to blow over £400 in less than 2 hours - bah humbug! F***ing Christmas!

So now I'm about to load up my car and tootle down the motorway to loaf about on Kathryn's sofa - change is as good as a rest they say. I have treated us both to some sexy silk pyjamas which I shall insist we don this evening and do not discard until the day after Boxing Day.

Oh! and I asked Mum for her opinion on the proposed trip to the Loire valley. I expected shocked disbelief and horrific screaming. She truly surprised me - she told me I was old enough not to need her permission and that life is too short - I should go and enjoy some fun!!! I must have done something really bad for her to care so little - surely she hasn't finally realized that I'm a big girl who can stand on her own too feet and display common sense and reasoning??

I expected my useless Debit card to be rejected - that was to be my last excuse for dipping out - but no! The man from Ryanair said yes too! So I'm facing an incredibly exciting New Year and a very frugal January.

Merry Christmas, blogmates. See you next week. xxxx


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