Friday, December 24, 2004

I've heard stories of people going to Blingington Fields and finding themselves sitting at a table next to Elton John, Madonna, Bill Clinton.............

Imagine my chagrin, then, when I spot the ginger-haired, slightly slower brother of Woody, a lad I went to school with, dining at the table in the corner - I thought this was meant to be an exclusive restaurant! It didn't detract from the occasion - Eva's driving there almost did, but it was just a short 5 minute white-knuckle ride on what would otherwise be a 10 minute journey around twisty country lanes :-/

Food was fabulous, company even more so, bill not too painful - I spent just about as much on the bar bill after Friday night and at least I could remember the lunch.

I thought that would be highlight enough for an otherwise grey day - but no! Having declined the invite to Texas last week, I'd resigned myself to a miserable lonely new year at home with my trusty sofa - but what's this? an invite to the Loire Valley? 5 star hotel? Fireworks? castles? and all for the cost of a flight? Ok - so he's stranger - might be a serial killer - or worse - a health fanatic - but I could do worse things - and I don't have any offers more tempting.

I've chatted it over with mates - differing responses have left me dazed and confused - so I have decided that I shall phone my Mum tomorrow - and assuming they have reception on the beach - shall ask her approval - if she says yes, I'll go happy - if she says no, I'll go defiant and rebellious. Oncea teenager always a te............


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