Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I've reassured myself that I'm a reasonably good judge of character having spent a lovely evening with the first ever chap I chatted to on the net all those months ago. He was far nicer than I'd expected, and I already thought he was a great guy. I was very relaxed - not sure if that was down to his easy-going company or the copious amounts of champagne that I managed to quaff. All part of my training regime for New Year's Eve.

I've seen the hotel website. How excited am I? It looks absolutely stunning. Key words like "international jet set", "complimentary Hermes perfume" and "unlimited champagne" particularly stick out. I shall now dash off to the dry cleaners with my poshest frock and do 6 months worth of stomach crunches in the space of the next 2 days to a backing track of the Marseilleise.


Blogger The Tart said...

LOL, more chocolate please......

The Tart

8:58 pm  

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