Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Flipping Christmas! I was almost able to see my toes until the last two days - now they've disappeared again. I shall either have to go on an enforced diet of Atkin's friendly cold turkey, or bind myself very tightly in left-over wrapping paper until my Loire trip is complete - either way doesn't promise much fun.

Kathryn & I did little more than lay about on sofas complaining about the TV and do nothing about it for 2 whole days. I threatened a walk on Boxing Day - I won - ish. We drove to Kathryn's new house - parked at the opposite end of the street and then walked back and had a nosey over the garden wall. That done we got back in the car and drove home to a large mug of Earl Grey and Bailey's and a mouthfull of rum balls. That was the total extent of our exercise for the entire Christmas weekend. I swear I started day-dreaming about doing sit-ups and going for a run, but I lay very still 'til it went away.

So now back home. Darius was very pleased to see me and has shadowed me all night. He hadn't even brought me any dead mice as gifts either. I fed him a container full of Turkey as a small peace offering and let him sleep on me on the sofa all night - one way of missing all the crap TV - is it some sort of conspiracy to enforce everyone to buy digital do you think?

So the next few days......I've got a number of people to see, and quite a few presents still to buy.... but I've also got a shopping list of essentials for my French trip; nightwear, liposuction, acrylic nails, hat scarf and gloves, St Tropez tan, Euros, flat boots, boob job. I suspect some things will have to go in the interests of time constraints - it can't be that cold in France can it?


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