Thursday, January 06, 2005

First day back at work was typical - phone calls,coffee, chin wags ( not many and not long given the volume of post - which idiot was working? I'll talk to their Boss) . My lovely new Boss came and blew me a kiss across my busy desk - thank the Lord I was talking to an estate agent and not surfing for men (nb: never done in work hours)

I only managed 4 tapes today, the phone was so manic, but I did reassure myself that I was busier than most of my colleagues, so if the ebb afffects us, I'll be on reasonably high ground.

Talking of which, I watched the news: this tsunami has really affected me. I was already quite moved having visited Knossos and Santorini - and that happened over 2000 years ago! I really want to help - and not just with cash although I am doing my bit there - I'm young, fit and reasonably resolute - I could almost join the TAs just to make a small dint in the surface of suffering. I want to help practically - it has to be more rewarding than the National Trust Working Holiday that I've just booked muself on.


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