Monday, January 10, 2005

My ultimate hero of all time is Alexander The Great. Bush could learn so much from him. If anyone could sort out the Middle East problems once and for all, it would be the Golden One. I've read a lot about him, all fascinating and fortunate as if my first introduction to this incredible figure was Oliver Stone's interminable epic, I doubt I'd bother learning more.

It's beautifully shot, but there's not a lot else going for it. Clitus and Craterus are particularly pleasant on the eye. Young Farrell spends too much time looking into middle distance and getting all dreamy and gooey-eyed at Hephaestion ( who I don't think was terribly well cast - I always imagined him much darker and sexier - like that Australian guy who played Hector in Troy). The SFX are awesome - the bit where he slices through an elephant's trunk was probably unnecessary.

Anyway, I ate too much and struggled to keep awake. I'm still having trouble with that so I think I'm going to turn in. I'm facing my first full week at work since mid December and I'm not relishing the thought.


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