Saturday, January 15, 2005

The main aims of my week have been achieved. I got to the end of it. It seemed to go on forever - I've had 2 cancelled dates, one of my secretaries has had a bereavement, and it all seems a bit flat but then that is just what January is there for - and also promulgates my theory that Capricorns and Aquarians are boring and unadventurous because they are born at the precise time that the rest of us hibernate - they lack stimulation from birth.

I was hoping to escape having to go out tomorrow night - an evening in my local town has absolutely no appeal - most of the men are dull and severely undereducated and those that aren't are likely to be ex-boyfriends. I could have got away with it, having spent virtually the entire time since I arrived home from work on the phone to Marko. No sooner had I hung up for a necessary toilet stop, phone rings - and Diane cajoles me into a night out - I have reservations, but I'm going. The rugby parents are top and I love spending time with them. They even manage to make me forget that I'm the only single one among them ( Tony doesn't count, he's one on his own) but I now have an 18 year old looking out for men for me. Not sure that is a good thing.


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